Hoplophobes Are Bad at Logic, History, Math

So I came across this image yesterday after the shooting in Oregon:


Two things about the image crack me up.

First, it’s Burger. You’ll excuse me if I don’t put a lot of weight behind the jurisprudence of the man who gave us Roe v. Wade. If he can’t be bothered to understand the constitution and the courts well enough to understand enumerated powers and basic concepts like standing, I have no faith in his ability to understand sentences of a moderately complex structure.

The second thing that cracks me up is the group that put the image out. “One million moms and dads against gun violence.” So… 0.33% of the country? There are an estimated 100 million gun owners in the country (and that’s a pretty conservative estimate, by the way). The astounding levels of self-importance here rival that of peaceniks.

I’ll leave you with this: