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  • Hoplophobes Are Bad at Logic, History, Math

    So I came across this image yesterday after the shooting in Oregon: Two things about the image crack me up. First, it’s Burger. You’ll excuse me if I don’t put a lot of weight behind the jurisprudence of the man who gave us Roe v. Wade. If he can’t be bothered to understand the constitution […]

  • Sam Harris and the Fireplace Delusion

    A few years ago, Sam Harris wrote a blog post in which he attempted to use an analogy to demonstrate the tenacity of Religion™. The post is worth a read in the same sense that an enemy general’s intercepted love letters are worth reading. Uninteresting per se, to be sure; but read closely enough and […]

  • The New Tribalism

    One Scott Alexander writes an essay on tolerance and tribalism, then I offer some brief thoughts on his piece.

  • 2014 Midterms

    Going into the midterms I was all Once the results started coming in I was all After the bloodbath ended, I was all

  • Matt Walsh Making Waves Again

    Matt Walsh’s latest piece on marriage is pretty impressive. I really think he’s found his best rhetorical style in the Socratic Method. I’ve been mulling over some thoughts regarding SSM for a while. I haven’t yet put them in writing, but I’ll certainly be referencing this piece, among others when I do. In the meantime, […]

  • Paglia on ‘Rape Culture’ and the Academy

    I always read Camille Paglia with horrified fascination. Still, she is one of the few writers on the left for whom I have any respect. The reason is simple: she has intellectual honesty. Her new piece on “rape culture” in the Academy is no different. I was transfixed as I watched her butcher two major progressive sacred cows: […]

  • Seems Legit

    No evidence of criminal wrongdoing. 1/6 is within the realm of possibility but outside the realm of probability. 6/6 is criminal.

  • Quick Take: Matt Walsh on Welfare

    Quick Take: Matt Walsh on Welfare

    Matt Walsh has been posting a slew of controversial blog posts the last week. One of his most recent piece entitled EBT recipients stole food this weekend (and every other weekend) will surely be one of his most controversial posts yet. In it he discusses from a civic, moral, and Christian perspective what is wrong with governmental […]