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  • Too Tired to Actually Write Something

    Too Tired to Actually Write Something

    They made a Hannah Ardendt movie last year year before last? Strategy 101 – Basic elements of the national interest. You can argue with some of point number one, but its a solid primer. Our friend Aaron’s intelligent thoughts on the popes recent comments concerning capitalism. Interesting comparison of reactions to graphic violence in the Passion […]

  • All Quiet in Zambo

    I was pondering the end of the siege of Zamboanga city last weekend.  The nearly three week conflict is nearly forgotten nowadays despite the some 100,000 people who were displaced, and the dramatic scenes of poorly provisioned soldiers and policemen forced to buy food and water from corner shops.  Hopes of establishing the Bangsamoro Republik, an […]

  • A Taxonomy of liberty and a Natural Rights Throwdown

    Carl Scott over at Pomocon put up a great series of posts on what he sees as the differing American conceptions of liberty last month. Beyond the subject matter, it was an interesting because Tom West (what’s up with all the UD politics professors ending up at Hillsdale?) weighs in on the issue in the […]